Jasmin Kruezi

Sound & Computer Graphics




Hey. My name is Jasmin Kruezi and I am a creator of computer generated video content, music, sound design and interactive and audio technical builds. I am working as a video engineer at the Schauspielhaus Zurich (Switzerland) and teaching music production and recording at the aim academy in Heilbronn (Germany).

If you are interested in booking or cooperating, feel free to contact me: contact@jasminkruezi.com




> This is me as "Pravi Lopov".

Deep and wide Electronic Music and animated(!) record covers - Two things I really love to make. I'm kinda on Instagram too.

> The corona camera guy

Me holding the camera for Christopher Rüping's great interactive live stream theater "Dekalog".

> A music video about dipping into a stranger's mind

Music by Johannes Mittl & me, further video editing by me, video material by NOCTULICA FILM and ANA COTORÉ.

> Musical direction and interactive video on stage.

Staatstheater Darmstadt - "Abfall der Welt" - premiere 20th Juni 2019

> A Pixel Art short movie I wrote, directed and made.

Stuttgart Media University - "Proximity" - premiere 4th July 2019. And a distinct evidence that I definetly had to overthink my image of women in my next screenplays.

> This is a live show I've made some playbacks for.

Stella Goritzki and Johannes Mittl - "BOXX@Night" - 2th February 2019

> This is a synthesizer in Virtual Reality I made.

Using the Unreal Engine and their node based C++ system "Blueprint".

> Here I made a fully 3D music video about an alien visiting the earth.

My very first computer animated video project. Music by Johannes Mittl and me as "34 Brothers".

> This is a short movie I worked on.

Mainly responsible for grooming (grass), animatics, camera animation and lighting.

> Here are some past theater productions my good friend Johannes Mittl and I made music and sound design for.

We also form a band called "34 Brothers". Look here: Spotify, YouTube.